The Kennel name ASHMOOR came about in 1969 when my parents started breeding German Shepherds.  I was only six years old when they obtained the kennel name from CKC.  Their love and devotion to the German Shepherd breed made me want to continue on in the tradition. I obtained my first pair of German Shepherds in the 1990’s and my daughter took a fawn love for these animals.  She wanted to do many things; we started Obedience Training right away and competing in competitions.   We did Obedience Trails for years but my daughter, Michelle wanted to progress into further endeavors, the confirmation ring.  That was all new to us therefore we decided to obtain or first Newfoundland from Bayside Kennels.  We had to wait a couple of years before we received our first Newf therefore my daughter practice with our German Shepherds.  Then the day came on Jan 21, 2004 “Ozzy” was born, Bayside’s Black Inspiration.  Our family was excited to the new addition and the German Shepherds adapted really well to the new breed.  Ozzy was foremost our loving pet and any success he obtained in the Confirmation ring was a bonus.  At an early age it was apparent Ozzy and Michelle enjoyed the show ring.  Michelle and Ozzy were very successful at achieving the points for a Canadian Championship.  From their Ozzy was campaigned with Jim Brichnell as Breeder/Owner/Handler.  On his first show Jim and Ozzy, Ozzy just turning two years old took back to back Best In Shows.  That same year he obtained MBIS and group placements.  He went on to the Show of Shows and took 3rd in the Working Group.  Ozzy completed his American Championship in 2008 with six consecutive Best of Winners and four majors. These successes would not have been possible without the help of Jim and Diane Bricknell.  Michelle and I our truly grateful for the wonderful dog they presented us with.

We had no intentions at first to start breeding this wonderful breed but their devotion, intelligence, gentleness and sweetness made us want to continue to strive to produce the best quality Newfoundlands we could.  This is how ASHMOOR NEWFOUNDLANDS came about. We are striving to produce healthy and sound Newfoundlands that best conform to the standards.  We put a lot of detail into our breeding program therefore we only breed occasionally.  Many health checks are required and much research is done to insure the best outcome possible.
We hope you enjoy our website and our Newfs as much as we do.  Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Thank you from all of us at: Ashmoor Newfoundlands- Jill, Barry & Michelle Francis.



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